We have found the following music download top 10 websites: – it has a music collection organized by artists alphabetically. Basically it is a search engine for good music. – it is a music online collection which includes music and movie reviews, musical artists, MP3s for download etc. – it is the largest archive of a musicians forum, music lessons, music news etc. – it is a music database that includes music store with organised personal mp3 music collections for free. – it is the large music lyrics database which is organized by popular artists and top music titles. – it includes daily music news, music charts, music downloads, and top artist features for rock, pop, country, rhythm and more. – it is one of the popular music sites that features online news from TV music focusing on rock, metal, rap, hip hop, rhythm and blues, and more. – it provides comprehensive music info including music reviews and music biographies. – it is a live music directory where users can track their favourite music bands and get event updates. – this is the biggest music news portal.

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