Welcome to our best selected dating websites. We found the Top Dating Websites for you to have fun: – this is where you can find your soul mate by using dating algorithm. I am a bit sceptical about it but hey you never know. – It is free (maybe). You can find a lot of fun stuff. – It is a dating site for specific ethnic group, mainly for African-American. I am sure you will find other ethnicities. – this is another site which assist African girls or women to find their half. – wow I did not know that all these dating sites are segregated by ethnicity. Well I don’t speak or read Chinese and would not be able to pull a Chinese girls from this portal – I will pass on this one. I assume it is popular due the fact that there are too many Chinese boys who are looking for their sole mates. Dump this Chinese rule: “one child per family” rule – too much competition. – Spark your eyes if you find your perfect online date .  Good luck with this one. – Aussie dating site … Mmm …too far away for me. I think I will be better off with some European dates , especially Eastern European girls – very hot ones. – another free dating website, I thought they don’t exist. You always pay one way or another to meet a hot date. – a dating site based on a choice of music? What a nonsense! But still popular amonth music dating fans. – do I want to be found by my ex-friends in crime? I don’t think so. But let’s face it we all miss our old friends so why not to see what they have been up to …

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